Morecare Response to Covid-19

At morecare, we are acutely aware of the risk posed to the care community by the covid-19 pandemic and adhere to strict procedures to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus as follows.

  • We are protecting our staff and the services we support by ensuring that we minimise the amount of staff moving between services.  We provide regular, consistent staff to specific services so to minimise the movement and possible transmission of the virus.
  • We have strong links with the services we work with to ensure good communication and information sharing; therefore should any cases arise we can protect staff and minimise any further spread to other services.
  • All of our current providers are working closely with us to ensure the safety of the staff and the people they support.  While on duty all staff are provided with full PPE whenever necessary.  Services are carrying out regular coronavirus testing and including Morecare agency staff in the routine testing.
  • Staff are preparing for shifts by following the guidance on preventing the spread of infection.  They are doing this by ensuring that they change clothes on site for their shifts, wear PPE on public transport on the way to and from work and abiding by the PPE guidelines in place in each of the services they work in.
  • Staff are given frequent updates on the current government guidelines and best practice to prevent and minimise risk of COVID-19.
  • All Morecare staff have been made aware of the COVID-19 antibody test they are eligible for and how to access this should they wish to be tested.

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